salty crystals

in her show of the same title, ellen degeneres said that the philippines overflow of amazing talents. this is truly a welcome respite and a positive notoriety than just being known as a country full of mediocrity and sham. thanks but no thanks to our trapos (read: traditional politicians). anyways, this is after ellen has invited charice pempengco and allan pineda (the new vocalist of the band journey) to guest on her show. both are famed YouTube discoveries. oh by the way, allan pineda will start a 77-european city concert tour anytime soon. I bet the amount of bling he’ll be able to afford and wear will cause a strain to his diminutive frame. what a burden. ka-swerteng bata! 

but apart from raw talents, we have the philippine salt. grabe sa segue, noh? pardon me, I’ve no better way to do this entry but like so 😀

did you know that 50% of the salt or asin you will find in all the major grocery stores in the metro come from cavite? the salt beds are very near our place, it is actually a sight to behold, especially if it is being tended and scrapped from the surface in time for harvesting. and how do they call this procedure in the vernacular? nagkekepot. seriously.

so what do you say if you want to see manong in action?

“ay, gusto ko makita kung paano magkepot si manong!” 

hmm. masagwa pakinggan.

although I pass by the beds every single day, I’m just glad I don’t smell like it at all. apart from that mundane fact, the lowly philippine asin is the preferred seasoning of most american chefs nowadays apparently because of its distinctive taste (not too salty? duh.) and with its concentration in new york city’s finest restaurants, could it mean we can now give the producers of the pricey hawaiian sea salt alaea a run for their money?

wow, that’ll be cool. salty, but cool.


2 Responses to salty crystals

  1. Lea Sanders says:

    I had no idea about the salt. You just never know, I guess.

    Oh, BJ, wanted to tell you–your Gamitin Mo Today words crack me up. First of all, I have no idea if I am pronouncing them correctly and even if I did, wouldn’t know if I was using it correctly. (hee hee)

  2. bjay says:

    sometimes the simplest things really come in great packages. who would’ve thought? 😀

    I can just imagine you and your DH curling your tongues! haha, too funny. check back often, ok? thanks, lea 😉

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