what can you say, ronald?

“I used to work here”, said richard gomez while caressing the stainless steel counters of the fastfood chain. this was the TVC of mcdo in the late 80’s. that one-liner I believe, was also instrumental in helping goma hit the trajectory of stardom based on product-endorser audience recall. 

so I say, “I used to work there” as well. because I was a former mcdo kitchen crew from my sophie to senior year in college. I was assigned to the harrison plaza branch and even helped the rookies on their first day when the la salle-taft branch opened. I was cooking and earning and got to be a mascot one time when the guy who’s suppose to wear it went AWOL that day. mainit ang costume ni hamburglar. bantut pa. buti hindi na naulit. but I had fun while I was a crew there!

until now.

mcdo, in their efforts to help the government curb the rice shortage problem of our country decided to implement the “half rice offer”. good idea. but the ridiculous part of it all, the price is the same as when you order the regular one. it’s Php12.00 by the way. bad idea.

their point of contention is that, part of the earnings from their half rice order will go to the ronald mcdonald charities. now I am all for charities, really. but why pass on the burden to their innocent customers? shouldn’t they be the ones to find other ways to fund their own charities? what if I want to order only half a rice and I wanted to keep my Php6.00 and make better use of it? if I eat with extra half a rice in mcdo 2x a week every month, that’s Php48.00 already. enough to buy my family a kilo of a decent variety of rice.

now tell me, ronald… why naman ganyan?


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