scrap n’ art: I’m on page 47!

the wait is finally over! the maiden issue of scrap n’ art is up!

angel pruitt, the editor-in-chief along with her talented and creative staff are the people behind this new and exciting scrapbook e-zine. it boasts of 61 inspiring pages that are just waiting to be read! there are tutorials, new trends insights, manufacturer interviews and more. angel was so graceful to correspond with me when I answered their pub call to submit samples for their maiden issue. I am just beyond excited that one of my layouts was featured. so thanks, angel! you know you rock 😀

to take a quick peek, go here

*downloading via the site may take a while… so patience is a virtue at this point. haha.

so go on and subscribe now! because after all it’s f-r-e-e! and you can share your projects too. they have idea guidelines readily available since new articles come in every quarter.  

and oh, I still owe you guys my davao trip story. more on that later. 


3 Responses to scrap n’ art: I’m on page 47!

  1. scrappylife says:

    hi, bjay. 🙂 how was davao? thanks for telling us about scrap n art. just subscribed a couple of seconds ago 🙂 btw, were you able to catch Korina’s interview of Brian Gorell’s ex? hehehe…the never-ending saga…

  2. bjay says:

    hi, yoyin! davao’s great, most definitely cooler that microwave manila. okay ang scrapnart, noh? send ka na! 😀

  3. yvette says:

    congrats bjay! =)

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