blog backfire

I read an anticle in the PDI last week about how blogs can totally ruin someone’s life. it was a very short article, but I couldn’t agree with the writer more, given the facts she wrote. we, the free-spirited writers of today are currently in-deep enjoying the space-age way of keeping a diary. what with the free web landscape, with free uploads of visuals and even audios that come with maintaining this fancy facility we call blogs. 

if one must keep a blog, s/he must be wary of the things s/he writes about and the pictures s/he uploads. now speaking of pictures, it even pose an imminent danger of being grabbed, altered and used against whoever is present in that snapshot. I really believe there should be a caveat to all photoshop users that if they malign a person in any way using this software, they can get imprisoned. and why not, it has dented so many people’s wholesome reputations. but oscar dela joya, umamin ka na, ikaw yan.

anyways, blog entries only backfire if the blogger is not careful in the content of the entry posted. there are really some things better left unsaid, or in cases of photos, un-posted. there should be a high level of self editing, a will to withold certain issues that might be a little touchy to some people. blogging is not just a fad to beckon, it is a form of self-expression that entails a certain responsibility on the part of the blogista. ika nga ng tiyuhin ni spider-man: with great power comes great responsibilities. 

time and again, I feel compelled to write more than I should share. albeit I always remind myself that I can’t. because I must self-edit, lest it does backfire to me. I’m not saying that my entries are a lie. it’s just that, certain things aren’t fit for public comsumption. I try, to the best of my ability to entertain my readers, feed information both politically and socially. while there are some who hated my guts, the majority who are loyal readers of mine more than make up the pie that abhors it.   



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