random wednesday 4

powder-fine sand, crystal blue waters, taut bums parading under the glistening sun… no, I’m not in some fancy beach resort. wish ko lang (boo). I’m just resurrecting myself from the afternoon boredom that is 4 o’clock.

thomas beatie, the half-filipino “pregnant man” is making raves about his delicate condition. when in fact he is not the first transgender who underwent such predicament. I have read a lot of hate comments about him on several websites. but frankly, he is so right in saying that having a child is a birthright (no pun intended), whatever gender one is trapped in. and did you know that when he was still a she, he even won a local hawaiian beauty title back in the day? what a 360°, noh? 

beyonce & jay-z got married. good for them. the other night, dear and myself just watched the beyonce experience DVD of my bro. I highly recommend you go snag it if it’s still available on the market. I was lucky to be able to watch her in person last year. kahit ga-langgam na lang ang size niya sa paningin ko. that’s how faaaaar we are from the stage!

representative joson of nueva ecija is not thinking very straight. he needs tylenol, or any kind of uppers to knock some sense in his kokote. his bill about banning boxing in our country is just preposterous. aba’y kahit sa larong sungka, pwedeng may masaktan. what is he on, anyways? such a waste of the working class’ taxes.

this is kinda late: I hope tita cory gets better. I don’t know what stage her CA is at, seems like it’s a news blackout. I was once a 12-yr old biker who joined one of his bycycle rallies in cavite, fledging all yellow things I can get my hands on. but I sincerely hope she goes on remission.  

oh, I joined the pinoyscrapbookers egroups today! I’m glad I did. I will [try] join the kaya 12 challenge as inspired by lee. so goodluck to me. I’m still 8 layouts behind schedule 😛


3 Responses to random wednesday 4

  1. Alby says:

    Uy, fresh post. I realized from day 1 that I’m more likely to get the latest “news” from reading your blog than from the off-chance that I may stumble into Ok! or Hello!. Haha! Lookign forward to more of your musings. 🙂

  2. Alby says:

    And welcome to Pinoyscrapbookers! Can’t wait to see you Kaya 12 entry!

  3. bjay says:

    hi, alby! that’s the chismosa in me 🙂 would love to make chika some more but afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate anymore 😀 excited to be in PS at last. see ya!

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