efril na…

been crazy busy at home during my mandatory leave that began march 17th and lasted until the 30th. all those days we were doing the 2-way house moves and more (that’s us moving out of my mum’s house, and she doing the exact thing from her mum’s house while we switch at the same time. gets?).

there’s the never-ending moving, clearing, re-painting and throwing of things. ooh, my mum’s such a pack rat. but I luv her. ngunit kailan kaya matatapos ito?

no cable TV in our new place yet (blah), nor internet connection as of press time (double blah). dear is making arrangements for that so we can get in touch with the outside world 😀

meantime, I’ve just reported for work today. still have tons of emails to read and a lot of mustering to get my mindset that I am back to corporate slavery… not that I’m complaining though.

will do my entries when I’m done with the rest of my so-called “backlogs”. 


thanks everyone! see ya in a bit.


6 Responses to efril na…

  1. Alby says:

    Hi Bjay! Where are you moving to? Kawit pa rin?
    Anyway, I added a link to your site in my blog. 🙂

  2. bjay says:

    hey, alby!

    dun pa din, a few steps away lang from where we used to live 😀

  3. scrappylife says:

    bjay!!! long time no “blog”!!! what happened to your room? i hope you’ll get to fix the color. have you tried to buy paint from Ace Hardware? it’s a little bit more expensive but they have the quick-dry-no-smell kind PLUS they can mix colors to your exact specification. that’s where i’m gonna get mine para makuha ko yung shade of blue like the one in the inspiration room I posted over at my blog.

  4. yvette says:

    hi bjay! i so want to order from palmer’s pero baka killer naman ang shipping costs.. they have a $15 flat rate shipping sa ibang countries pero hindi kasama philippines. tapos i don’t have any idea kung magkano yung mga customs,VAT churva. have you figured out the costs or do you know a better way? ako kase i just sent my mom the links to the shirts i like and asked her to buy me some, hehe.

  5. scrappylife says:

    thanks for commiserating with me. but i somehow can’t completely move on because momoink was stolen from me. i feel that acceptance would come easier (and sooner) if he died. knowing that he’s just “out” there breaks my heart. whenever i think of him, i just pray that he is being taken care of or that his new owner would love him as much as i did. sniff. sniff.

  6. bjay says:

    hi, yvette! hmmm, let’s think of a way to do this. I really like their stuff. hope to see you sa scrapfest, though! 😀

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