a step to absolution

every year, every holy wednesday, myself together with my mum, we join the “yapak”.

yapak or “to step” it is the way of the cross where each station is assigned to different houses all around the town of kawit, cavite, where we live. parisioners who wish to join the late afternoon procession are required to walk barefoot and feel the earth below them. it is not an easy thing to do, especially if one is to walk on a hot pavement, such as the thoroughfare. and if you are lucky, you might even step on some small sharp stones, sputum (I know, yucky) or just like what my mum stepped on a while ago: bubblegum.

at the end of the 14th station, you can just feel your feet begging to be reunited with your slippers. and oh, it will ache, bigtime. and it will have blisters. you might have to rinse them several times over because of the deep-seated grime and dirt. of course yapak is not for everyone. besides minding both your feet, there’s the humidity, the smog, and the smell of perspiration from everybody else who are devoted to see it through in this particular observance of the holy week.

many believe in the essence of this once a year small sacrifice. jesus took a step, one at a time to climb mount calgary, in his quest for mankind’s absolution from its natural sin. in this day and age, many still believe that this small sacrifice might be enough to continue jesus’ same quest. myself included.


2 Responses to a step to absolution

  1. CH says:

    Hey Bjay! Thanks for linking me up, I’ll do the same.

    Wow, what an interesting tradition! Kami naman ng barkada ko, every Holy Thursday we used to do the Alay Lakad all the way to Antipolo Church. Every year except this year, dahil out of town/nagbabakasyon mga tao or in my case, kaka-appendicitis ko lang (at the risk of my wound opening up and me having to pick my guts off the floor wehehehe).

    Saya basahin ng blog mo! 😉 Heehee!

  2. bjay says:

    hi, CH! our family has a LOT of things to do every mahal na araw. I’ve yet to make kwento the other things we did 😀 good to know you & your barkada do your own pag-aayuno every holy week. keeps us grounded, noh? thanks for dropping by!

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