the old world charm that is avenida

funny my entry for today is again about manila.

after dear’s doctor’s appointment in madocs this afternoon, we went straight to oroquieta street right at the heart of avenida. we found out that in this place is where the other branch of baker’s fair is located (there’s one in virramall, too). my tito tinong is going back to virginia this weekend and my tita vis asked us to buy her some hopia there.   so we did.

it was my first time to see the famous avenida. the farthest I went to in this side of manila was in divisoria and recto, that’s it. but not avenida. I only heard of how this place used to be the glorietta & greenbelt of today, of how grandiose its buildings’ facade were, or how people of “class” used to flock this place to have some good, clean fun. fun is defined as watching movies in full balloon skirts with petticoats for women and double-knit pants for men. going to the movies in the 60s meant dressing up. today, I rarely even see people dress ocassion-appropriate. anyways, back in the day, malate was unheard of. avenida is THE happening place.

but as we trek the stretch of its glory-laiden streets, I felt a sense of dejection. seeing how the edifice slowly gave way to the times, totally dilapidated with streets unkempt. one can still see the city’s former beauty, alright. but it’s a pity that that is all there is to it – a beauty of the past. a few more earthquakes and ambitious construction of new buildings and it will all be forgotten. 

I just dream one day soon that our politicos make the initiative of passing a bill to start preserving our nation’s history. for without history, owning up to our language or sense of nationalism, we are nothing. what defines us is the very core of who we are as a nation. we may learn a new language, live in another country and acquire its ways. but we will live and die a pinoy.

2 Responses to the old world charm that is avenida

  1. ahhhh… those were the good old days.

    I agree, it’s sad knowing what Avenida has been reduced to. Go Bjay!! I will definitely vote for you!! 🙂 That initiative is certainly something worth doing!

  2. bjay says:

    nako, kung may megapowers lang ako, I’ll ask the wealthy countries to help our country regain its beauty. sayang eh 😦

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