dirty harry… got dirty.

… all because of his dear son.


mayor alfredo lim of manila, who proudly goes by the monicker “dirty harry” is keeping mum in the wake of his son & company’s arrests on alleged drug possession. remember when he used to spray red paint onto suspected drug addicts’ front doors? he was even tagged a berdugo for doing so, crossing the thin line of the so-called human rights and innocent until proven guilty law. nag-trip siyang pintahan lahat ng pintuan sa kalakhang maynila. all the while he was sleeping with the enemy pala.    

ba’t nagkagano’n? ang buhay nga naman, oo.

5 Responses to dirty harry… got dirty.

  1. scrappylife says:

    hmmm…e di dapat pintahan din niya bahay niya.

  2. scrappylife says:

    re: EB —- tama bang mang-inggit!!! 🙂 buti na lang may new toy ako from hubby — hehehe – got me a new HP pavilion (with bonus ribbons and chipboard from Simple Joys) – hmmm…parang sulit na rin hindi ko pagpunta sa EB…hehehe

  3. bjay says:

    woooww… HP pavilion rocks! one just have to get used to vista. dami ek-ek, but I’m liking it! 🙂 onga, so sad 😦

  4. that is so sad. one of life’s strangest ironies, huh?

  5. bjay says:

    you got it right, CV! irony. mapagbiro’ng tadhana 😛

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