done deal


manny is the new WBC super featherweight champion of the world. mabuhay ka, manny!

the rematch with juan manuel marquez was 4yrs in the making and was dubbed “the unfinished business”, consequently declaring their last fight as a draw, much to the dismay of the filipino people. this fight had the magnitude of a new space shuttle being launched. the whole filipino nation’s activities were actually put to a halt, glued to their TVs and with refreshments an arm’s length away. wala ng tayuan talaga. the advertisers had a field day, with 13-15 commercials per gap before each new round (yes, I counted them), and that didn’t include the spots pa, ha.

ciara sotto sang lupang hinirang (hindi bayang magiliw, *wink*). she made me proud, got me teary-eyed even. and so did jasmine villegas, the 14yr old filmex (filipino mexican) girl who sang the american anthem. gandang bata.

the fight officially started via delayed telecast here in our country at 2:13pm. but I got a text message spolier earlier at 12:48pm. why do some people find satisfaction in being first in everything? even if it makes them the party poopers. spoilers are KSPs. of course I wanted manny to win, but at least give me that chance to see it for myself. aah, spoilers. mga kawawang nilalang.

a joke I got from another blogsite about manny being a contestant in the show deal or no deal:

host: so ano manny, deal or no deal?

manny: noodle! noodle! noodle! (read: no deal)



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