truth be told

the news about a certain gang snatching kids to get their innards for sale isn’t true. authorities confirmed that there were no ertswhile reports of kids missing, nor sightings of a specific white van roaming the metropolis and the nearby provinces. still I got worried. because we have a 5yr old in the family who can easily be whiffed into a speeding vehicle. just the same, watch your kids like a hawk. 

I just received a hater’s comment for my entry last night. and all because of wrong spelling *okay, okay hater, I stood corrected*. seriously.

my blog’s been public for nearly 2 weeks pa lang… and yet. gotta look at the brighter side of this instead: people are READING.

so thanks a lot, hater. no grudge held against you at all 🙂



2 Responses to truth be told

  1. dinah says:

    hey. thanks for visiting my blog. no new LOs to post eh. Anyway, since you said no to reliving janina’s Q&A, i looked it up in you tube & my gosh! i don’t blame you for not wanting to! see ya saturday! 🙂 ps/ who’s your hater & where’s his/her post?

  2. bjay says:

    hehehe. will make kwento when we see each other.

    I just hope janina improves before the big pageant day. ganda pa naman ng bata’ng iyon.

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