postscript to random wednesday

I just found out that the blog of brian is now closed down and the archive overwritten. this could mean one thing: delfin “dj” montano paid up the money he owed brian. maybe dj montano’s sosyal friends helped him? I dunno. damay kasi sila lahat.

for those of you who were able to read the whole thing, good for you. for those na di na umabot, good for you, too. let us just all remember that owning a blog and having a free reign of the world wide web doesn’t mean we can use it HOWEVER we want. certain borders musn’t be crossed. I know that you understand what I mean.

good times 😀


5 Responses to postscript to random wednesday

  1. trishadeb says:

    The last post in the DJ blog is PEACE!
    Well, I guess things are peaceful now 🙂
    We can all get back to work…

  2. bjay says:

    yeah. lesson learned the hard way 😉

  3. Maybs says:

    I missed it nga, bjay! I saw it when it was still running but had to leave to pick up my kids. pag balik ko… no more na…. he-he… sayang.

  4. bjay says:

    hi, maybs! but I think the saga continues…

  5. trishadeb says:

    yes, the saga continues… seems like he has not been paid. So he is at it again…

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