dex, i {heart} you

veilcac0ssopca567dl6cadwjl5qca0kmnumca51kusicahx5duccaqp121pcaxz5dvqcajwn0thcatuv1ypcaa1thercaeugx3sca64nc0dca9fhi7ucablymnjca2rk189cakjr1q3ca7han6ycatux29g.jpganybody watching dexter? many find the plot off, gory even. but the screenplay is brilliant, the kind that make you think, conclude, be proven wrong with its twists and turns, think again and be baffled on how the episode ended or hung. you just have to give this show a chance.

michael c. hall made a 360° character turn and I’m soooooo loving him! loved him when he was a snotty gay in six feet under, love him more now in dexter: brusko, dark, vile and all that (obvious namang love ko siya, noh?). season 2 is so bitin, I’m on the prowl for season 3. lemme know if it’s out in the market, please 😛


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