dee-bee-dee (2x)

me and the clan were at the seafood paluto strip in macapagal last night. my tito tinong is here for a full month’s vacation. next week, he heads back to virginia. after our hearty meal of the ocean’s produce (and I, feeling groggy from the anti-allergy pill I took makakain lang ng seafood), hang time na. some made chika, dear and my kuya went straight to the stalls just around the corner of the resto we ate at to check out the dvds.

kuya: “ano ba mga bago diyan, bayaw (referrring to dear)?” dear didn’t have the chance to say anything yet, and then manong dee-bee-dee goes:

“eto sir, meron akong kumplito mga nanalo sa uskars.” 

kuya & dear: *wide grin at each other*, and they both passed off manong’s offer.

you gotta admit, the age of sophistication has influenced even the way pirated dvds are being sold. I give manong 5 posh stars, the highest rating for this category.

happy monday! here’s to a great work-week ahead.


2 Responses to dee-bee-dee (2x)

  1. Maybs says:

    ha-ah-hahaha… It took me about 3 seconds to finally get it, Bjay! Omg, talk about up to date!

  2. bjay says:

    hehe, sosyal na ang mga nagtitinda ng pirated dvds talaga. thanks for dropping by, maybs!

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