of faces, pages and a tide

I was at a facepaintng gig yesterday. and the number of faces that I painted that afternoon registered at a whopping 84! this is a landmark number for me. I did my cut-off at 80 heads, since there are just too many and it’s already getting dark. flourescent light just isn’t gonna work at all. while I have managed to shoo away some kids who tried to make singit even after my quota, the hardest to explain to are the parents whose kids, while tugging at their skirts or pants are making pakiusap – and who makes kawawa faces pa. I meant the parents ha, not the kids. excluding the celebrant, in all there were 3 whose parents’ kawawa faces got the better of me 😀

p3080055.jpg  twisted 8 is such a good read. I am only on p.18 so far, but I can tell jessica zafra is just warming up. it’s fierce. period. I have been an avid fan of this woman and I have all her books to prove it. she is witty and funny and doesn’t even show effort in doing so. she is a genius and she has a point to every subject she wishes to talk about no matter how negative the overall review gets. and she’s being nice pa niyan ha. get a copy, better yet, get twisted 1 to 7 and all the books in between.  

just finished watching the prince of tides this morning on cable starring the young-ish nick nolte and barbra straisand (she’s also the director). basically it’s about love, priorities, passion and understanding one’s self. I love this movie, watched it many times but I’m still moved to tears especially on the letting go part. the movie is an intellectual take on how to look at life in a bigger picture, whilst setting aside selfish wants for the greater good. reminds me of one line from the song of the band updharmadown:  “love makes you try anything once”. when a person is inlove, it emboldens her. okay lang so one can learn and grow. but if it got ugly and you do it twice over, then you’re a fool for love. makes sense, noh? 


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