american idol round 3

america voted and the top 12 contestants were named. here they are.

personally I am quite satisfied with the line-up. this year produced one of the best batches of AI™ and I am just happy there’s a fil-am who managed to squeeze herself in. the über petite ramiele malubay didn’t really enjoy lengthy airtime during the selection process held in her hometown of florida. but when her dad jumped for joy upon seeing the golden ticket she was holding, and he began shouting “ha-LE-wud! ha-LE-wud!”, dun ako napatawa.  she has a big voice for such a small frame (4’10” lang ata siya eh). but the thing is, she isn’t too keen in choosing the right songs to sing and there is where the problem lies. with 11 other contestants to beat in the next few weeks, she has to guard her loins. did you notice how easily she wails, er, cry? week 1 pa lang, best actress na ang lola mo. in fairness, di man lang nag-smudge ang mega-eyeliner. when photos of her in racy poses surfaced in the net, america didn’t budge either. I guess breast-groping is perfectly alright. especially when it is done in a sushi bar. 

postscript: would’ve loved asia’h epperson to be in the final twelve than kristy lee cook 😦

and to all the ladies in the house… HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! a layout about it will be with you shortly.


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