esmeri @ 45: the motorcade

quick breakfast with dear at 9:30am. esmeri by 10:00am. lintek, wala nang parking space. the vicinity is packed with vehicles of all participating alumni members. thought bubble ko: oh gosh, kalbo na siya. whisper: di ba dating makapal buhok nun? I elbowed dear. okay, there’s our former classmates, finally we took one spot and started to stick flyers and attach balloons to our vehicles that says “batch ’89 in here”. the last time we had a meeting, I was tasked to make flyers on the spot. there were three choices, and I wanted the one that showed our age. ayaw nila. I wonder.

I saw my bro and he quickly joined us together with another classmate cum barkada of his. both of them decided to just use their motorbikes. a few minutes later, another vehicle pulled-over with four girls shrieking in delight. ayun! at last, anim na katao na ang batch ’84. I pity my kuya’s batch. apparently not everyone in their batch knew that such an event will happen that day. we just donated a few balloons to them para naman magmukha silang “belong” sa motorcade. after we made the rounds of our town, we went back to esmeri’s quadrangle, had photo ops, made pleasantries with everyone and settled very near the stage.

each batch were summoned to come on stage to introduce each other starting from the pioneering batch. ay, talagang mashonda na (read: old), but you can see the pride in their faces maybe because they once “dominated” the school. the we-were-here-before-you kind of air about them. when we were finally called, rumampa pa kami and took the longer route so we can display ourselves and our tarp to all and sundry. at 15 people in attendance with one live mascot, hindi na masama. I had the honor of introducing my classmates, and it felt kinda weird because the last time I came up on that same stage to speak publicly, I was a co-host for that’s entertainment (opo, kuya germs!) when they did the rounds of the schools back in the ’80s. I just turned 15yrs old, vina morales was being introduced pa lang. she was then 11yrs old I think, with stringy hair and a very thick accent. oh, I got to make chika with gabby concepcion, kissed him on the cheek even. if I were any older, bibigyan ko na yun ng malisya. kaso nene pa ako. tee-hee-hee…

remember the 2hr discussion on food during my last post?  we had adobong chicken & pork with salted egg and kamatis siding. pang-alta sosyedad.

in all it was a very nice experience, reminiscing and reliving the past. seeing the plant boxes under the mango tree we used to sit in, the faint traces of juvenile vandalisms (yes, I did that too), my old teachers (pun intended), and just about the overall feeling of being there again. I have a lot of fond memories there. it’ll take a whole new blog account if I were to tell the story of it. I met mike there, in the corner room of the kindergarten class in 1979. I knew then that he was a special boy. I was lucky to snag him. aahww… * wink *

next year will be our batch’ 20th year reunion. there is a lot to be done to properly disseminate this information across the globe, where most of our former classmates are based. at may assignment na ako this early. inaykupo. wish me luck!


photo op before the motorcade. no, it’s not george estregan you’re seeing here. classmate ko lang yan.
our tarp

our tarp

my kuya. classmate niya yung singit sa likod ko.


older, wider, hopefully wiser. the batch ’89 with our mascot.


hang time. si dear parang aparisyon sa likuran.




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