finally me

I have been scrapbooking since highschool and have evolved quite steadily through the years. from junk to acid-free, flat to textured pages, a lot of hits and misses, nadaanan ko na yan. it never really occured to me to conscientiously find my style or try to engineer it. I was basically going with the flow, creating at will. for a time I even hibernated from this hobby, shunning every bit about it and going cold turkey. I stopped to pour my undivided attention to “more pressing personal matters”. when I came back after a couple of years, I was thankful my friends were still there waiting for me.

and who are these friends? you know who you are. these are the elite group of people who are dedicated in growing this craft in our country. but please indulge me in mentioning my kapusod, ems. gorjus (that’s how we call each other) and I have been friends for almost 12yrs now, but honestly, it seemed like a lot longer. she’s seen me through my highs, lows and in-betweens. wala na akong maitatago sa babaing ito. she was the one who believed in me in my capacity to grow alongside with the craft. she who persistently told me to just come back and pop up in the egroup we all started a few years earlier. up until that time, she just regularly told me stories about the group’s eyeballs, scrap parties, new products and the latest buzz. kaya tenchu talaga, gorjus. and thank you to my newfound scrapbooking friends who doesn’t think that this posting is overrated. I just have to deliver this entry with such aplomb like that of the grammy’s. bakit ba, blog ko naman ‘to, ah 🙂

lastly, I just have to thank this site whose DT call I responded to. I didn’t get the spot, alright. but instead it pointed me to what I have been searching for all my scrapbooking life – I finally found me.


all pps are from october afternoon (thanks, iris! ). shot by jeff lopez on location at lasting impression scrapbooking store (thanks, jepoy & vivian!) 



8 Responses to finally me

  1. trishadeb says:


    Welcome to the blogging world sis!


  2. bjay says:

    hi, deb!
    thanks for dropping by! and thanks again for featuring the “pinay ako” LO. I’m so honored 🙂

  3. dinah says:

    hey bjay! love this LO. i can almost hear your “ohm”! 🙂

  4. bjay says:

    thanks, dinah! jeff was kind enough to lay on the floor to get a good shot. heehee… hope to hook up with you one of these days in mega.

  5. Iris says:

    I’m so glad I gave you the pps. Ganda ng ginawa mo!

  6. bjay says:

    hi, iris! OA has one of the best collection of pps… medyo non-matching pero easy to play with 🙂 thanks again, ha!

  7. Ems says:

    tenchu rin ;o) I’m so touched!…so glad to have an access with wordpress…sana hindi madiscover ng office and mablock (crossfingers and toes)

  8. bjay says:

    hey, gorjus! sasabayan kita sa pagdarasal. balik ka ha!

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