lola madge


MTV™ pilipinas is bringing home the icon of my youthmadonna. and I thought I will never see the light of day when she sets foot in philippine soil.

now, all my friends and officemates back in the day and currently know that she’s my all time fave. I like a lot of female singers: from dionne warwick, to martika and of late, natasha bedingfield. but my fascination and obssession with madonna never wavered even after all these years. in gradeschool and all throughout highschool, my room’s walls are reeking of madonna posters. I tried to complete her albums – in cassette tapes, no less. I bought the jingle songbooks and learned her songs, and copied her moves. I taught a younger group of public school girls (I was in gr. 6)  the dance step for true blue for crying out loud! gratis lang, ha. kaligayahan ko ng magturo ng sayaw sa kanila. oh yes, I performed solo lypsynching the song papa don’t preach. siyempre, papapigil ba ako? needless to say, I have the fishnet stockings too in case you are wondering. at eto pa, each time we go out videoke-ing, my national anthem ay ang walang kamatayang la isla bonita. never miss yan hanggang ngayon.

her ticket must cost, I can feel it. so from hereon till july, when the queen’s supposed concert is going to be held, di na ako kakain ng lunch. aaaw… gutom ito.   

anyways. which madonna era are you? answer this for kicks * wink *



3 Responses to lola madge

  1. Hi Bjay!! HAHA!!! I can so relate to this post!! (haha, let’s trade our madonna lookalike photos and scrap them *wink!* yikes!!!)

  2. Maybs says:

    EEEEeeeek!! She’s coming???!!! I’m watching too! Madonna, 80’s icon, wait for me!!!

  3. bjay says:

    nako, mga lola din pala itong si maybs at CV, eh… tara girls, let’s watch! pero ha, pang general admission lang ako 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

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