american idol round 2


it’s odd, but majority of the contestants chose off-the-beaten track songs this week. and off the beaten track they all went. this girl even castrated olivia newton john’s song, hopelessly devoted to you, it’s painful. even our very own ramiele malubay failed to impress the judges with her very safe song choice. my dreadlocks bet, jason castro who sung with nary an impact whatsoever, is now being challenged by the judges to sing next week without using his guitar. this is something to watch out for because this will eventually make or break him. I still think he’s awfully cute, though.

I really can’t say who I will root out for, since it’s still too early in the game. although due to his sheer arrogance displayed via satellite tv, I’m itching to see david cook go. there is just no place for people like him. and what is this I hear about david hernandez being a former gay club dancer? hmm, intriga yan ha.

3 Responses to american idol round 2

  1. Tna says:

    oooooo! an AI fan. 🙂 i so am into AI but i was disappointed last year (the 3rd season when i didn’t miss an episode – yes – didn’t miss one at all. carrie’s season, taylor’s season and last year – jordin’s season). i thought i lost my love for it but when i heard the guys sing last week, i regretted that i didn’t have the interest to at least watch it from the final 24 contestants. but worry not, am hooked again. 🙂 i really like david archuleta and the dredlock guy. i liked what he sang yesterday. ooooo! i am getting too talkative, hihi. the guys are far better than the girls this season. lemme know what you think. 🙂

  2. bjay says:

    hi, tna! AI is one of the things I look forward to every start of the year… esp during the state by state selection process. ang daming weird! look at where renaldo lapuz is now, bongga na siya 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

  3. Tna says:

    hihihi. yeah, the auditions. hubby and i enjoy the wackiness of some the wannabes. unfortunately, i didn’t get to see renaldo but i am amused in seeing him in the clips aired for the AI commercials. looking forward to the top12 performances next week. 🙂

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