esmeri @ 45

come march, it’s going to be the 45th foundation day of my alma mater, the St. Mary Magdalene Parish School in kawit, cavite. and tonight, myself together with some of my highschool classmates convened for a mini-meeting at my girlfriend’s (also a co-alumna) computer shop. pipito lang kami pero parang palengke dahil sa ingay namin. we started off slow but worked our way into a plan on how we will contact the rest of our classmates who are willing to join the motorcade this weekend. the next agenda was food and refreshments and how to attack the payment collection. now this one took us all of 2hrs to discuss.  it’s already 11:40PM and yet, we’ve resolved very little about how we will accomplish all of the above before march 2nd. I believe the last time I had this same conversation with these very same people, we were sent to the principal’s office. and that was 19yrs ago, ha. well, I guess some things never change. but the most fun part is, we’re just way too happy we were able to catch up on each other’s lives after a long while. ayos din. 

will tell you all about it after the motorcade this sunday! hopefully with pictures. abangan!


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