sa wakas!

after 10,000 years, we finally bought a new desktop computer… an HP™ Pavilion a6252d Home PC Windows Vista™ set-up no less! it’s about freakin’ time since our old PC kept on dying on us a long time ago. so once and for all, we’ve put it to rest. also got a spanking new Olympus™ FE-270 digital camera, pa. o-ha.

after so much thought on whether to buy this or not to buy that and if our budget will ever permit it, was the eon-age question. we took the plunge anyways and bought what we think is the best for our technical needs.

mike couldn’t wait to start making kalikot the PC, me naman, the digital camera. thank goodness for installment promos, we even got a 3in1 HP™ printer-scanner-copier for an additional Php500 bucks only! el cheapo, ey? but man, you should’ve seen me haggle with the lady for this. akala mo nasa divisoria ako. poor mike, I could see him cringe through my peripheral view. hehe.  

check ’em gadgets out. 

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