american idol round 1

jason castroramiele malubay  I watched american idol’s first round last night and the night before that. I can name a few forgettable faces but a handful are also worth checkin’ out. the boys went first on wednesday night, and I just felt myself gravitating towards the 20yr old jason castro (dreadlocks, yeah baby!). he performed pretty impressive too, accompanying himself with a little string action. by thursday night, it was the girls’ turn. sumakit ang tenga ko with the majority’s performances. now, I am no expert in the field of singing. but i can tell if someone’s pitch is going waaaay out there. thank goodness our very own ramiele malubay nailed her piece. this fil-am dudette packed a helluva performance! to think she’s so petite, ha. I was actually feeling queasy right before her turn. pwera biro.

watch them next week.


One Response to american idol round 1

  1. Tna says:

    uy…sya nga… jason castro (dreadlocks) yung magaling kumanta…hihi…i liked the halelujah halelujah song he sang on wednesday. he is good. i love your blog miss bjay. the variation of your entries. 🙂 thank you for finally deciding to blog.

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