of devotion and havaianas

25 May 09



we went up to antipolo over the weekend to help mum fulfill her yearly panata for my kuya, which is to visit the church of our lady of peace and good voyage at least once a year during this month.

here’s the thing kasi. when my kuya was much younger, he fell from the wall of a school while watching basketball. that accident made him walk with a limp. mum took him to a lot of doctors but they couldn’t do much to make my kuya well. the doctors’ findings even revealed that his condition is much like that of a polio vicitm (umigsi na yung thigh niya). naturally mum got so worried about kuya’s predicament that she reverted to pamamanata. she promised that once my kuya is able to be on his two feet again, she’ll never miss going to antipolo every year during its feast month.

so after the 6am mass, we proceeded to the adoration chapel like we always did. in the anteroom, we took our shoes off, placed it in the pigeonholes then we silently went inside and knelt. we said our prayers and settled down first since mum’s not yet finished with her intentions. then I noticed some of the devotees were carrying their sandals and flipflops with them. curious, I eyeballed it – - -  they were all havaianas pala! 


so it made me think: why did they bother to handcarry it inside the adoration chapel when clearly, there is a designated place for it? were they so attached to the smell of rubber and the cachichas of their feetor was there a recent case of havies being stolen here?!

makes you conclude that yes, maybe even in the holiest of places, there are “fashion victims”.

sad :(



15 May 09


meet our car, britney. this is britney then and now….

wreck small

she’s now being fixed sa casa. boohoo :(

here’s a sneak peek of my first project for this month over at the buzz and bloom™ blog. check out the rest of the design team’s creations here.

sugar n spice sneak

if you’re not busy tomorrow, head over to the luna gardens at the rockwell. scrapbukan is having a trunk sale40% off on all items!



random wednesday 41 (photo heavy)

13 May 09

 taylor dayne

I had the worse LSS (last song syndrome) experience a couple of nights ago. 

I was on my way home one night in a bus, sandwiched by two women. to my left was a humongous, athletic girl whose sportsbag was making my thigh numb. to my right was a petite and bespectacled lady in her early 50′s. she looked so delicate I almost dwarfed her. and I am only 5ft & 4in tall.

so I was trying to sleep the commute away, while the athletic girl’s head was swaying from side to side threatening to hit my face (gasp!). I’m pretty sure the nice lady on my right was asleep too. when all of a sudden I heard a weird sing-song sound, kind of like alvin the chipmunk was having a very bad case of constipation. 

alas, the nice lady was singing pala with her eyes closed pa! I still can’t decipher what song it was. but it sure sounded very weird. then she stopped. so I tried sleeping again. I was already half-asleep when suddenly, *all together now* she started singing again!

(alvin the chipmunk is constipated alvin the chipmunk is constipated)

by this time I was so freaked out by the sound that’s coming out of her slightly pursed lips. I got curious so I took a good look at her lips (her eyes were still closed ha) and found out what she was singing all this time: love will lead you back. a song popularized by taylor dayne in the mid-80′s.

“love will lead you back, someday I just know that, love will lead you back to my arms, where you belong”  imagine it’s alvin the chipmunk having-a-very-bad-case-of-constipation version. it went on and on – -  the lady singing just the refrain of the song until I reached my stop. it was an ordeal I had to go through for a full hour and 45 minutes. ohmygawd.

segue: unfortunately taylor dayne also fell prey to botched plastic surgery. look at her before (above), post before (below) and after looks:

what happened


here naman are some success stories of other stars. either they aged gracefully or they have a very good doctor. what do you think? 

susan lucci

lisa rinna

too much lip collagen nga lang

michelle pfeiffer

I am going to be very “graphic” after the jump, okay?  so please bear with me.


I recently discovered anion. a negative-ion charged sanitary napkin that claims to eliminate feminine odour when used during the menstrual cycle. I read an article that says it can also prevent infections, among other things. I was skeptical at first, but gave it a go anyways. I must say that when I took a whiff of my soiled napkin (okay, okay. my being “graphic” ends here), I didn’t smell anything foul. 

anion pad

although it is not BFAD approved, it is internationally patented. by the way, it IS a product of china. but doesn’t all things we enjoy now come from china? oh, it is also almost 3x more expensive than the regular napkins available in the market. so proceed with caution :D

I promised that I will let my friend sansoo’s creations debut here. feast on some cuteness:

bag charms:


this is MINE!!!








earring sample (many colors, sizes S & L)


cute, cute gift ideas! she is selling these babies and will come up with more quirky and fun items on her own site very soon! PM her here.  

I’m also being featured over at papergoodness. should be the whole month of may, I was told. thanks, papergoodness!

midweek peeps, stock up on chichiria for the weekend!


she’s the one.

10 May 09


she's the one

happy mother’s day, mum.

happy mother’s day to all of you too!



8 May 09


joanne and her boys are back down under. I am just glad we were able to spend some time together scrapping, laughing and just plain pigging out. good old times. I miss her already.


here’s a lone layout that came after a long, overrated crafty drought. the mojo literally came back last night to coincide with typhoon emong’s landfall. 

chinese small

no journaling yet. ano ba kasi ang tawag sa suot ni tffee? here’s the journaling na! thanks to mia!

my friend sansoo is a great crafter. and she makes crocheted earrings and itty bitty animals too! she made me a cute piggy bag charm and I’ll let her debut here in my blog next week. I tell you it’s etsy worthy. so watch out for it!

and lastly, please head over to the buzz and bloom™ blog for my his & hers pillowcase project. fun!


thank God! :)


copee doo

1 May 09



it’s a very rainy start of the week. and I seem to be in sync with the weather – slow, sluggish and just plain lazy. are you feeling the early rainy days blues too?

here’s a little story to perk you up. happened last may 1st during the great SM labor day weekend sale. cast of characters: moi, mum, tffee and the saleslady from a well-known sterling silver jewelery store.

ME:  meron ba kayong ring na pang-bata ang size?

SALESLADY:  meron po mam. eto po (hands over the ring to me).

ME:  tffee here, oh… look, you like this?

TFFEE:  yes po, ninang.

ME:  may iba pa ba kayong design? ang liit ng design eh. ano ba ito?

note:  kasi malabo mata ko, wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses. but the design looked like a dog to me.

SALESLADY:  ay mam, yan na lang po smallest namin.  copee doo po iyan. maganda po, di ba?

MUM:  ano anak, aso ba daw?

ME / TFFEE :  si scooby doo daw mum eh. /  scooby doo daw po, mama.

SALESLADY:  copee doo po! si copee doo. ayan po, may mga wengs pa. bebe (referring to tffee, who by this time is so confused), isokat mo na para makita mo na maganda.

we bought the ring.



TGIF: a reprise

24 April 09


okay, I’m back. it’s 11:20PM and I just got home.
WP is back as well. here’s TGIF coming to you live :)


ano sa english ang duhat?


mum was harvesting duhat and macopa in the family compound the other day when my kuya asked her, “nay, ano ba sa english ang duhat?”. SIL ate kerol seconded: “oo nga, nay. ano ho ba?”

mum:  di ba blackberry? ay, hindi. iba pala yun. di naman blueberry

SIL ate kerol then asked me, “jay, alam mo ba? hindi naman blueberry eh.”

me:  uhmm, berry blue?

my answer was corny, I know. we had a good laugh that morning :)


it’s been a while since I last played with my scrapstuff. taking a long vacation is a vile thing. it plants you on an unconscious state and lures you involuntarily to ho-humm land (translation: katamaran). last weekend, we threw joanne a fun bienvenida party. I managed to churn out two layouts:


my niece ia is just fourteen years old but she is already taller and more kikay than I am! I had her prom dress made by a good neighborhood costurera. the specs of the dress went through a very rigid scrutiny by this girl, of course. aah, she is growing up too fast!


a hidden journaling is revealed when you pull out the chipboard key. sorry, it’s for dear and my eyes only :)


this one I finished just last night. it’s my first time to join a TDX challenge.


I am a very loyal friend
and an equal opportunity foe.
the world is indeed round,
and karma is just around the corner. 

in a nutshell what I am saying is that, I am a level-haded girl who always tries to strike a balance in life and would rather let karma take its course. so peeps, be good :)



it’s the ex-boyfriend’s birthday

22 April 09


[at exactly 9:03 AM...]


happy birthday, dear. thanks for making my life fuller, better, happier.


back in the zone… not.

20 April 09



it’s my first day at work after being away on vacation for 16 days. I struggled to wake up this morning to get ready for work. and while bathing, I wished it was all a dream.

I have been a bad blogger, posting only once (see below) and didn’t update as promised. I just slept, ate, watched movies, went malling with my mum and fried myself under the scorching heat within our family compound. yes, didn’t have to go to the beach to get a tan. just going to and from my mum’s and kuya’s places are enough to make me a tone darker.

I miss dear. I am bored to death sitting here at my desk, still reading emails, taking deep breaths every 2 minutes and I just finished disinfecting all my stuff. I know mickey (the mouse) paid my cubicle a visit while I was gone. eiww.

so here’s the plan: I will knock myself out of this zombie state until I get back “into the zone”. I have work and personal backlogs to revisit. I owe a friend a favor. I am way behind in my scrapbooking. I need to fix my scraproom. I need additional budget to make the scraproom fabulousoh wait, nag-detour na ang topic ko :D well, hopefully I can supply you with my blog “regulars” soon.




3 April 09


today is my last day at workbecause I’ll be on a 7-day mandatory leave. woo-hoo!!!

bankers must avail of the 7-day mandatory leave every year for audit purposes. and as with my past availments, I make sure I can really streeeeeeetch it to the max. given the holidays and weekends I’ll cross-over, I will be reporting for work on april 20th na, monday. haba, noh?

so what’s on my agenda during my leave? uhm, wala. I won’t have any fancy vacation place to go to and I’m not taking any voice lessons. wehehehe… I’ll just be on house arrest purging things, maybe do some scrapping, maybe some house cleaning, but mostly sleeping! I need to catch up on my Zzzzz’s most definitely.

and yeah, special observance of the holy week. as a catholic, I have certain responsibilities to fulfill, too. I will also blog out for a few days para magnilay-nilay. please check back on easter sunday if you care to see some layouts and read some random stories *wink*

but tomorrow, hang loose muna for 2 days because I am attending the scrapjam in clarkfield, pampanga. yay!

here’s a layout I did using an antiquated photo of mysefl - definitely a must try if you’re brave enough :D





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